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About us

With over three decades of experience in the field of real estate engineering and appraisals, our company has specialized in providing quality services to banking institutions. We have a solid database that collects information from 15 years of completes projects, which supports our experience and knowledge.
Our strong business relationships ensure the quality of our services and create a solid and trustworthy image. We have gained extensive experience, particularly in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, where we have built a reputation based on excellence and professionalism.
In addition to providing accurate appraisals, we also offer expert advice on property buying, selling, and investment. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services that cover all the needs of our clients, backed by our experience and expertise in the industry.

Our clients


Progress Monitoring:

It is crucial to maintain precise control over your construction project to ensure that the investment made to date is proportional to the progress. In our Progress Monitoring service, we focus on identifying any inconsistencies in timing and form, taking preventive measures to align the ongoing project plan. With appropriate frequency of project monitoring, we can eliminate and reduce unexpected expenses, thus ensuring an optimal project outcome and the proper use of your investment.

Bank appraisal:

In the process of regularizing ejidal lands and transforming then into small properties, the Agrarian Law requires a bank appraisal certified by an institution approved by the Federal Mortgage Society (Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal). Additionally, when applying for a bank loan, it is necessary to provide a mortgage guarantee backed by a bank appraisal that determines the commercial value of the property in question.

Cadastral Appraisals and Inheritances:

When you receive an inheritance and the property will be transferred to your name, it is essential to conduct a cadastral appraisal that certifies the change of ownership with the municipality. This document will be required by the notary responsible for handling the process. Additionally, when acquiring a property, you will need to change the ownership supported by a notarized deed and a cadastral appraisal that validates the process.

Commercial and Insurance Appraisals:

If you're wondering about the market value of your current property or the one you wish to acquire, whether the rent you charge or pay is fair, or if you're demanding less that what the market could offer, it is crucial to conduct a well-founded study of the property. Through a commercial and insurance appraisal, based on reliable information, you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that the property presents in the market.

Damage appraisals:

Our Damage Appraisals quantify the damages to existing constructions, whether caused by neighboring works, natural disasters, or accidents. We establish a well-supported value for insurance, negotiations, or legal matters. We also assess potential impacts of ongoing construction projects on neighboring properties. Trust our accurate valuation for the repair and resolution of situations.

Improvements appraisals:

Improvement appraisals are key when selling a property to reduce income tax (ISR) and protect your profit. These appraisals consider investments made in remodeling, facility changes, expansions, or construction on undeveloped land. Optimize your sales and minimize the tax impact with our specialized valuation.

Legal appraisals:

Our legal appraisals, conducted by certified experts endorsed by the state judiciary, are essential in cases of divorce, foreclosures, intestate succession, invasions, unfinished civil works, debt payments, among others. These legally valid appraisals are crucial to support legal proceedings and expedite the ongoing legal process.

Construction audit:

In situations of dispute between builders and property owners due to poor project management, our Investment Assessments play a crucial role. Our professionals accurately evaluate physical investment and provide a reliable and trustworthy assessment, which acts as a mediating tool that supports negotiation between both parties, facilitating a fair and well-founded agreement.

Affidavit of Facts:

It is important to anticipate when a neighboring property is being developed with a building or any vertical development, as there should be registered record of the current state of your property certified by a notary. If any damage occurs to your property after the construction, the developer should be held responsible. With this type of appraisal, you will have a technical document that validates the condition of your property before the execution of the construction project.

Cost Studies:

In proper project planning, conducting a cost study before commencing construction is crucial. This study helps justify the investment by anticipating and estimating the required materials and the potential cost of the project. It also serves as a foundation for tracking the progress of the construction and quantifying it incrementally.





Agricultural land.












Land with special facilities.

Why do you need an appraisal?

You are buying or selling a property and need to know its true market value in the real estate market.
You require a document that details the property's value in a technical manner.
You need to settle an inheritance and distribute the properties equitably.
You require a bank loan or credit from institutions such as Infonavit, Fovissste, PyMe, among others.
You have possession of a plot of land and want to know its current value.
You have made improvements to your property but do not have invoices to support their value.
You have constructed a property and wat to know the cost of the investment made.
You need a cadastral evaluation to carry out a purchase or sale of a property.

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  • Active member of colegio de profesionistas en valuación AC.